Now on Sale: Duke – Premium Hirsch Watch Strap 

Now on Sale: Duke – Premium Hirsch Watch Strap

Hirsch Watch Straps like the Duke presented here are unique in beauty and quality. The history of Hirsch Straps goes back to the year 1765, when Johannes Franz Hirsch opened a leather workshop in Lower Austria. Ever since the Hirsch family continued tradition of excellence. Leather products from HIRSCH vacuum belt invented in 1935 to  famous watch bracelets first started in 1945 by Hans Hirsch all have one thing in common: the innovation. In 1955 Hirsch patented Rembordé technique-  a way of seamlessly binding the upper leather to the lining, revolutionizing the industry.

Hirsch Duke Strap is made with the centuries-old craft of refining leathers of all types makes it possible for HIRSCH to treat particularly sturdy natural leather in a way that
combines the aesthetic characteristics of alligator leather with the extreme durability of the best Italian
calf skin. The water- and sweat-resistant Softglove lining leather ensures the greatest comfort even with
heavy-duty use.

Strap characteristics:

  • Width – (0.78 inch or 20 mm)
  • Length – Large (7.87 inch or 200 mm)



  • Lining leather: Softglove
  • Buckle Color – Silver/Gold

Strap Colors:

  • White
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Black

Upper leather: Alligator embossed

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